Radiance Solar transforms the way you think about hot water in your home or business. Leveraging the abundant energy from your solar power system to generate hot water is not just efficient; it’s a step towards self-sufficiency. The intelligent hot water controllers we install, optimise the use of excess solar energy, ensuring that no drop of sunshine goes to waste.

By integrating smart controls with your existing water heater, we can elevate your energy management. These systems are designed to give priority to heating your water whenever there is surplus solar power. This not only maximises the utilisation of your solar panels but also significantly cuts down on your electricity bills.

For those with solar batteries, our advanced energy diverters or controllers come into play when your batteries hit full capacity. They redirect the additional electricity to your water heater, ensuring every kilowatt is used to warm your water tank. Once your hot water needs are met, any remaining excess power can then contribute to the grid, potentially offering you credits from your energy provider.

Invest in a hot water controller and immerse yourself in the benefits of a full-cycle solar-powered solution – where convenience, conservation, and cost-saving converge.

If you have any questions about how we can improve the efficiency of your Hot Water within your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.